And from thy sleeve shall issue
The wolf who will do wonders
Who will have sharp teeth
And shall be known of all the people
And shall be so strong and fierce
That he will drive away the boar
Out of the white land
Such great virtue will he have
The leopard will follow the wolf
And with his tail threaten him
The wolf will leave the woods and mounts
Will remain in the water with the fishes
And will pass over the sea
Will encircle this whole island
At last he will conquer the leopard
By his cunning and by his art
Then will he come into this land
Will have his stronghold in the sea.






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Presented in .Flash format is this complete copy of: ‘Sefyll ymhen Datgaddiad’ -
(Standing within Revelation) which is a book relating to a fulfillment of the pending Prophesy & since I have no 'Lawful Rights' under either 'English nor European Law' therefore no right in law to use the monetary system it is Free to download, copy & save.

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Standing within Revelation

Jesus walked this mortal plane as a Human Being expressing through his actions the measure of his Compassion and Humanity; He was not prejudiced by the color of a man’s skin, his faith or his convictions. In the event you have forgotten he saw women as his equals and stood against the mob in their defense expressing through his actions the failure of other peoples faiths - since God said: Thou shalt not Kill.

He also said: Judge and be Judged because how you treat others and what you do to others that is what and how you deserve to be treated; If you can not show compassion to others do you deserve any or can you ask for any in return - be weary you stand on broken ground.

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