“Patience in the face of your enemy
           Time is transient
It will soon pass
Justice is relentless
It is unmoving and unforgiving
Meticulous within its deliberation
            Cold within the manner of its application
No one is above the law
Everyone is bound within the principal
And justice must be seen to be done”.

By: C. D. J. Maylor © 2010 Copyright (All Rights Reserved)







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“I stand alone bound within the silence
            A warrior statue trusting no one
Cold is the heart that fixes my mind
            Resolute and unmoving
Against all the elements I am braced
Shadows of night from graves cover me
Deep is their depths of that bitter soul
As I grow old but not weary
Dawn rises flicking strands
The darkness enveloped by its licking hands
Colour bursting beyond all bounds
A bird raises up blistering sounds
Mirrored is the sunrise on a cold glass plate
It ripples like silk exploding with hate!
Igniting the morning beats evil away
Beating it back to where angels do not play. 
A sea beam reflects within illumination
Whilst mental light ignites me

            By: C. D. J. Maylor © 2010 Copyright (All Rights Reserved)


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The House of Mathrafal

I am a prisoner captured within the isolation of each moment
Resisting my enemy and the urge of pre-emptive attack
Patiently I endure whilst destiny waits
Everything hangs upon the opportune moment
Quantified am I as the unknown but deciding factor

Christopher 2010


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