'Nos Pignus Noster Verbum’

'Pleidiodd ni ein gair'







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Ŷ Pâw Lêw (The Lions Paw)

This has been a British symbol for Freedom and Resistance against Oppression for over 2,000 years.

‘Rhyddid ag Gwrthsafiad oddiar Gorthrymder’

Presented in .Flash format is this complete copy of Hanes y Sang Royal (History of the Sang Royal) which si a book relating to the History and Genealogy of the Mortal family of Jesus of Nazareth along with the Grail Kings who were charged with their Protection. The book is Free to copy & save however Please remember we are not a charity and require financial support. It does not have to be much since everything helps and you can only take from others for as long as they are there.

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History of the Sang Royal

The Devine Stratagem is the platform upon which War is fought and Won - however this is just 'A State of Mind' with the concept of winning being 'Perspective'.

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