“Y coflyfr”                   (Î cofnodi fy’n hadau)

Allan or coflyfr hanes
           Maer enwau yma yn dwad,
Mae nhw wedi sefyll y prawf amser
           Enwau brenhinoedd, tywysogion â dynion,
Dynion dewr sŷn wedi cael ei morthwylio mewn y tân bywyd
           Mae nhw wedi sefyll felly honno i ni câl bôd,
Hyn ywr gwreiddiau ein coeden
            O ddiar nhw ydan ni yn corsen.

                          Gan: C. D. J. Maylor © Hawlfraint 2007 (Ar ei Cadw Pob Hawl)







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"Reality is eminent proof that God exists since in all actuality - reality should not and cannot exist within the sum of itself since it is beyond an Impossibility. Within this the sum of nothing is nothing (Nil) therefore Nothing Exists since nothing can stem from that state - so there are no particles or atoms from which we can exist since there is no reality within which to contain them - the problem is - We do Exist and that is proof enough to the Sentient Mind "


Presented in .Flash format is this complete copy of: 'Paw-Lew' - which is an eclectic book of Poetry, Genealogy, History and Nationalizm which is a book relating to a fulfillment of the pending Prophesy & since I have no 'Lawful Rights' under either 'English nor European Law' therefore no right in law to use the monetary system it is Free to download, copy & save.

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We are standing within a Revelation upon the Crux of Life - Be inspired and aspire to become what you are trully capable of becoming;

But remember evolution is a struggle and nothing is easy so do not fall because of the prejudices or ambitions of others.

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