Y Calon y Ddraig




"Gwnaithaest î gweld yr hael yn codi           
Arswyd ysbrydoli     
Cyndydd mwy nâ pob llîw 
                  Argoel gymaint                                         
Pelydrodd adraws Cambria”.  

                                                           Christopher:  1974







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The Lions Forearm (Pywyr Lew) has been the British symbol of Freedom and Resistance against Oppression for over 2,000years whilst other countries like

Ireland and Scotland used the Blooded Hand (Y Paw Lew) which is also called the Lions Paw; we say 'Freedom and Resistance against Oppression' since

it represents the eternal struggle of Good against the schemes and ambitions of malevolent evil men.

Ag hyd yn y geiriau ag iaith ni ydan ni yn dweud: 'Rhyddid ag Gwrsafiaid ô ddea'r Gorthrymnder'


“Er Côf Powyr Lêw mâb Clywetaug”      

“Y Pâw Llêw
Rhân or Llêw rhonc
Dadleuonau mewn y rhyfail
Arwyddlûn rhyddid
Gwyllt ag rhû arben y bûd
Llâw gwaed yn sefydlog”.


                                                                        Christopher 2010

Remember Pywyr Lêw the son of Clywetog,
part of the Lion rampant
argumentative in battle an emblem of freedom,
wild and free upon the world;
a blooded hand standing.

                                                                        Christopher 2010

(Pywyr Lains Leo called Pywyr Lêw, Lawnselot, Lancelot, Lawns de Lac;

he dipped his hand in the blood of innocence so as to highlight and expose the beast that was the Perpetrator).

            Just Remember: ‘Goodness comes in many colours whereas darkness hides in one’.

 (Courage in Defence of others)


Humanity starts with a Sentient step towards understanding another persons 'Point of View'.



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